Walt Disney World “See You Real Soon” Farewell Video!

This past Monday, Walt Disney World was the last Disney park around the world to close amid the recent events happening right now.

In an effort to give their guests a heartfelt farewell, cast members from around the four themed parks got together to say goodbye to everyone leaving the parks for the last time in a while.

But the most emotional one happened at Magic Kingdom Park, where Josh D’Amaro, president of the Walt Disney World Resort, joined by several Disney characters including Mickey Mouse! said goodbye to guests from the Main Street U.S.A train station. It was an incredible magical and touching moment for sure.

Take a look!


As of right now Disney Parks in Anaheim and Orlando will remain close until the end of the month. Keep checking back as we keep giving you the latest updates.

And remember is not goodbye, is SEE YOU REAL SOON!

Video credit: Disney / Jason Deyoung

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Ana Leal