Walt Disney World Resorts Provide Complimentary Life Vests Poolside

Did you know that Walt Disney World provides complimentary life vests poolside at all of their Resorts?  The life vests come in a variety of sizes for children and adults.  If you or your little ones are not strong swimmers, be sure to grab one in your size as you enter the pool area.

The lifeguards at the Walt Disney World are second to none.  They are diligently watching and keeping everybody safe.

The problem we witnessed was that children are left in the water without adult supervision!  We get it; folks are on vacation.   However, in two hours, we witnessed two rescues.  One was a child who had gotten too far from the wall and was over their head.  The parent was sitting in a lounge chair and did not realize that the lifeguard was using her long red flotation device to pull the 3 year old in closer to the wall.  After the parent realized, she got into the water with her child to help him out.   We kindly pointed out to the parent that life vests were just at the edge of the pool area and that they are complimentary.  A few minutes later, the child was back in the water without the parent again, and not wearing a life vest.  A little while later, the lifeguard whistles blew, a lifeguard jumped in, swam to the middle of the pool and brought a young girl up who was trying to float along on top of a beach ball. She had gotten stuck and could not get back to the edge of the pool on her own.  The child was supervising a younger sibling, who was wearing a life vest.  The parents were at the back side of the pool and never even knew what happened.

Disney takes water safety precautions very seriously.  Some time ago, you had to check out a life vest for your length of stay, from the Arcades, when staying at a Value Resort.  For quite some time now, the life vests have been prominently on display along the poolsides of each resort hotel.  We stayed at the All Star Movies Resort and the Fantasia Pool had life vest racks at four separate locations around the pool.

Were you aware that the Walt Disney World Resorts offer complimentary life vests at all poolisides?  Please leave your comments in the box below.


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