Wall-e & Eve are a match made in heaven


You can now get them as a couple, the way Pixar and robot love intended. For $120. Who can resist? Wall-E is holding EVE’s pistol arm and defending her in the pic above. These two have a love that knows no bounds and sells movie tickets like nothing else. Now let them store your data.

You know you want them. Go buy it.


Here we got 2 carefully hand crafted 8GB WALL-E and 8GB EVE USB Thumb Drives. Sort of a lover’s charm if you may. The matching WALL-E and EVE comes in a set for you and your loved one, your best friend, sibling, or both for yourself!


– 8GB WALL-E Holding EVE’s Arm USB Thumb Drive
– 8GB EVE In Diagnostics Mode Missing an Arm Thumb Drive
– Keyring attachments for both WALL-E and EVE

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