Villains Tsum Tsum Collection to Debut in September

Villains Tsum Tsum

I am so excited for the newest Tsum Tsum announcement. The Villains Tsum Tsum collection combines 2 of my biggest Disney loves. These wicked cute little stackables will make their debut September 6th.

The new Villains Tsum Tsum Collection will include: Jafar Genie, Cruella de Vil, Evil Queen, Ursula, Lady Tremaine, Maleficent, Maleficent Dragon and Dr. Facilier. A couple of these villains have made their appearance in previous collections. This however is the first time we’ve had all of these popular deviants together. I was hoping for a Chernabog from Fantasia Tsum Tsum, but the Maleficent dragon is still cute too. These will be available at the Disney Store, Disney Store Online, and select Disney Parks stores on september 6th, and I for one can not wait!

What do you think of the Villains Tsum Tsum collection coming out in September?


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