Video Appears to Show Disneyland Character Misbehaving


Lately, in the news and everywhere you look there has been a lot of talk about the White Rabbit and some about some other incidences with Disney character acting badly. Channel 10 News in San Diego has obtained video showing the White Rabbit interacting with some park guests and some perhaps less than stellar behavior…you be the judge.

The video recorded by Manuel Carlos’ of his daughters, records one of his daughters pulling on the tail of the White Rabbit, his other daughter, 14-year-old Jocelyn, also takes a turn.

Immediately, the White Rabbit turns around and follows Jocelyn. This is where it gets odd. Jocelyn says the White Rabbit held her by the arm and the neck. Here is what follows according to Jocelyn and the video:

“He told me, ‘Don’t you ever do that again or I will call security, and tell your stupid friend to stop doing it to,'” said Jocelyn.

Moments later, someone is heard yelling, “Hey you, get off of her.”

Jocelyn’s sister, Alexis, said it was her.

“He was holding her roughly, and I was scared,” said Alexis Carlos.

In the video, the rabbit does let go, but the sisters say they heard some parting words.

In the video, although the audio is difficult to hear, someone is overheard saying, “Don’t even start your [expletive] with me.”

So what the Carlos’ family thinks is clearly unbecoming behavior on the part of the White Rabbit, but the family did not complain to Disney because they were afraid of getting kicked out of the parks that day.

The video is being used by the attorney, Dan Gilleon, for the Spring Valley family that filed suit against Disney because of previous interaction with the White Rabbit.

In a statement, Disney said:

“This seems to be a blatant attempt by a lawyer to generate publicity for a case that has no merit. If anything, all this video shows is a family of misbehaving guests deliberately provoking a character for their own malicious amusement.”

10News asked Disney if there were two different employees involved in the two White Rabbit incidents and the job status of those employees.

Disney declined to comment, citing personnel matters.

So what do you think the video shows? Does it prove anything or everything?


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