Unofficial Taste Tester: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Button

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Button

By now it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Disney snacks, especially Mickey shaped one! The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar is not only one of my favorites to eat, but I love anything showcasing it. So this Unofficial Taste Tester: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Button is definitely calling my name.

This button also has a slight Starbucks look to it, which I also love. The centerpiece of the button is a yummy looking Mickey Ice Cream Bar, that stands out against the white and green background. A green circle surrounds the Mickey ice cream and says “Unofficial Taste Tester”, with a couple of Mickey icons.

One of my favorite things about these buttons is you can also get them with a magnet, or easel option. Why is that so awesome you ask? Because you can display your button when you aren’t wearing it! The magnet, and easel are both detachable so you can display or wear the button when ever you like.

You can get our own Unofficial Taste Tester: Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Button on Etsy from Sweet Cozy Cafe!

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