Two Incredible New Loungefly Mini Bags Arrived At Hollywood Studios

Get ready to have the most Incredible accessory with these two new bags from Loungefly. The latest mini bags to hit Walt Disney World are and Incredible’s Logo mini bag and an Edna Mode bag. These are sure to complete any super ensemble.

The first bag is the Incredibles logo mini bag. This bag is much like most of the new Loungefly bags to hit shelves recently. It has the sturdy faux leather material for the outside of the bag and a fabric lining inside. The Incredibles’ logo is throughout the inside lining. The outside features the color scheme from their super-suits with a huge logo at the very front of the bag. You can find this Incredible new Loungefly at Hollywood Studios for $75.00 plus tax.

The Edna Mode bag is slightly larger than the faux leather mini bags but not by much. This Loungefly bag had a sort of suede feel to the outside. Edna’s face and the top half of her body cover the front of this adorable bag. There’s a nice pink border that continues onto pink straps on the back. “No Capes” is the fun print lining the bag’s interior. The new Edna mini bag can also be found in the Pixar Store at Hollywood Studios. This bag was $80.00 unlike the top bags price of $75.00.

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Susan Wilson