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    Do we know when this will go live to be able to do? We’re heading there in Aug and I just made all our plans. Would love to do this though!

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    David- my understanding is that this is only showing up on people with Android devices. It is not on Apple or online through either Disney website or the My Disney Experience yet but obviously they ware working on it.
    Trust me I spent all day looking everywhere too.

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    I already have breakfast booked at Tuskerhouse on May 2nd and a quick check showed only 1 other time slot left open. Do you think they will offer existing ADR holder the opportunity to upgrade to the ROL pacakge and showing of our choosing? If so when do you think this might happen since most of us have already booked ADRs at our 180 day window.

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    This evening,I looked on the app and was on able to find anything about this. I also contacted Disney dining and they checked but knew nothing about this.

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