Tsum Tsum Gleams and Glows With the Tangled Collection Coming Soon

Tsum Tangled

Get ready to gleam and glow with Rapunzel and other beloved characters from Disney’s hit movie Tangled, in Tsum Tsum form! This dazzling new collection will be debuting on March 1, 2016! Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday to us all!

With the release of the new Star Wars Tsum Tsum collection, the Disney Store has treated us to a sneak peek of the next Tsum Tsum Tsuesdays release. This shining new Tangled collection will have 6 different styles to choose from including Rapunzel herself with Flynn (Eugene) Ryder, Maximus, Mother Gothel, and TWO different Pascal variations! I must say I’m a little sad not to see any of our friends from the Snuggly Duckling. Normally I try to choose 1 or 2 from each collection, but with this one I think I’m going to need them all, including both Pascals!

Be sure to check out the current selection for Tsum Tsum Tsuesday today!

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