Triple-Decker Pulled Pork Garlic Toast Sandwich at Epcot

The Land Crusher is a new triple-decker pulled pork garlic toast sandwich available at Seasons in The Land pavilion at Epcot. And it’s fantastic! We all know that calories don’t count at Disney so we’re glad we can indulge guilt-free. While the Taste of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival offers almost endless indulgences, we decided to stray from the festival path to try this delight. Seasons is offering this delicious monster for $11.00 plus tax. Don’t plan on doing much snacking after taking this on! It was a sharable in our party and it didn’t disappoint.

Perfectly cooked pulled pork is sandwiched between THREE pieces of garlic toast. A good helping of gooey cheese kicks up the party and a hefty drizzle of sweet BBQ sauce caps the whole experience! If you want to go the extra mile, take the pickles off the spears and add them to the sandwich for some extra crunch and tang. Not that you’ll need it, but it comes with a bag of Lay’s classic potato chips. Each ingredient on its own is delicious, but combined as the Land Crusher is a whole new level of good! Perfect as an entire meal with an ice-cold beer or as a mid-day sharable before hopping on Soarin.

We are glad to see another BBQ option at Epcot other than the awesome fare over at Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue. Of course, Regal Eagle specializes in all things BBQ so you can’t go wrong there, but Seasons has joined the Epcot BBQ party in a big way with the Land Crusher! It is definitely worth the diversion from the Food & Wine Festival at World Showcase. Just make sure you show up with a big apatite or with lots of hungry friends!

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Paul Coffin