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    Megan Hall

    I’m a vegetarian and so is my daughter. We don’t eat at McDonald’s often but depending on the toy we will go and get happy meals. All we do is order the Cheese Burger with no meat for the happy meal. It’s basically a cheese sandwich with ketchup, onion, and pickle then. It’s still filling b/c it’s not like there was a big burger on it to begin with. For breakfast we order a sandwich or hot cakes and ask them to turn it into a happy meal for the toy. Then they just add a toy for around .80 cents. Hope that helps…..I like a lot of Wendy’s toys to as they seem to be more imaginative is some ways so we do the same things there to.

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    Is there a photo somewhere that shows all the toys connected together (don’t have all of them yet & may have missed #2-Aliens)? By the way, I’m the “Anonymous” who just posted, but didn’t realize that clicking “Return” would cause this to post, so I didn’t get to the “Name” section and there appears to be no way of editing. :-/

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    Mary, this may not be ideal for you, but you can buy the toys without buying the “Happy Meal.” They used to only charge about $1, but it’s now more like $2.40 (or whatever). A bit much, but at least then you wouldn’t have to get the meat to get the toy. I’ve never run into a McDonald’s that won’t do this, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some.

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    Mary Kredell

    Hi – my 3 grandchildren are vegetarians & I ‘m never able to get them Happy Meals. They always want the Happy Meal like their friends get to get the toy. I’ve tried all different McDonalds & none will substitute a non meat meal. Why?? I’ve offered to pay more but still am told no.why can’t you offer Mac n cheese or some other non meat option? Once I found one that advertised peanut butter& jelly but they had none.Afraid I’ll have to take them elsewhere and very disappointed in McDonslds.

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