Avengers Happy Meals Toys Now At McDonald’s

The highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame film finally arrives this week, and even McDonald’s is celebrating! Now you can find one of 24 different Avengers Happy Meals Toys when you order a kid’s meal, while supplies last! That’s right, I said TWENTY FOUR, and there are even I.D. cards to collect on top of that.

There are twelve revealed “regular” toys, plus two unrevealed mystery toys. On top of those fourteen figures, there are also 10 “Team Suit” variants. The mystery heroes and variants are an exciting touch, that makes my nerdy collector soul’s heart soar. The figures have a kind of Funko like vibe to them, and I’m absolutely in love with them.

The display in the store showcases the regular figures, and shoes a preview of the Team Suit Avengers. Thanos and Captain Marvel do not have team suits, but that’s probably because Thanos is the Villain, and Captain Marvel’s Kree based suit is already pretty epic for space.

There are several different box designs, each featuring a different array of heroes. It looks like Hulk has gotten a bit of a makeover from the looks of the box too.

Each box also features a special QR code that you can scan in the app, or manually enter on the website to unlock seven characters. If you unlock the 7 Avengers to save the day you can view an exclusive behind-the-scenes video!

As I said there is an assortment of different boxes. The boxes also have Priority I.D. cards on them featuring different Avengers heroes!

The “cards” pop out so you can collect them all! I’m not sure how many there are yet, but with my obsessive collectors drive I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

A way to tell if you got a variant or not is that the regular suits will have the grey stone like bottom, where as the team suits will have the golden bottom. It will definitely be an adventure tracking down all twenty-four of these guys! I know who the two mystery figures are, but I don’t want to spoil anyone!

You can also check out videos of the figures, plus download Avengers: Endgame activities sheets at HappyMeal.com! Will you be assembling the new Avengers Happy Meals Toys for your collection?

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  1. Oh geez, I can just see people buying happy meals just to get the toy & not eat the food lol. The movie did exceptionally well in theaters on opening day & continues to soar. I still haven’t see it, but I will! These figures are really cool though. I might have to make a trip to McDonalds. I really love how they look similar to the Funko figures! 🙂 #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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