Top 5 Ways Princess Leia is a Disney Princess

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Ever since Disney purchased LucasFilm and announced upcoming Star Wars films, Disney fans are beginning to consider Princess Leia as the newest Disney princess; and after Merida’s Coronation and  2013 Star Wars Weekends beginning this week, I got to thinking that Leia really does deserve to be one of those royal ladies.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Princess Leia doesn’t exactly generate thoughts about cute, woodland creatures, ball gowns, and sweet, romantic ballads; but Princess Leia is more like the Disney Princesses than you might think! In fact, I’m going to prove it in my Top 5 Ways Princess Leia is a Disney Princess.

5. Lost in the Forest-Have you ever noticed how most Disney Princesses always end up in the woods or a forest? How about the fact that adorable woodland creatures always find them and help them save the day? Consider Snow White, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty… Yeah, you get the idea. Princess Leia is no exception! In Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Leia gets lost in the Endor Forest after wrecking her speederbike. Soon after, the adorable forest Ewoks emerge to help her and later save the day. Point proven.

4. Trademark Hairstyle-Every Disney Princess has their own trademark hairstyle, whether it’s Rapunzel’s long, blonde braid or Snow White’s bob or Merida’s fiery red curls. This is most definitely a requirement in being a Disney princess, regardless of how realistic the hairdo is, and Princess Leia totally delivers in this category. Her famous “bagel” braids in Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope have become part of pop culture.

3. Rogue Boyfriend-So Princess Leia doesn’t end up with a prince, but not all Disney princesses do. Those who take the alternate route typically fall for the rogue, diamond in the rough kind of guys, example being Flynn Rider, Aladdin, Prince Naveen, and etc; and if you’ve ever seen Star Wars, you know that self-absorbed, swashbuckling smuggler Han Solo is definitely one of those type of guys. Better yet, he invented that type of guy!

2. Absent Parent-With the exception of Mulan, all Disney Princesses grow up without at least one of their parents. Why? That’s another story, but Princess Leia also grew up without her parents; and while she never had a stepmother, I think finding out your Dad held you prisoner on a deadly space station and turned out to be one of the baddest dudes in the galaxy more than makes up for that.

1. Sidekick-Next to a trademark hairstyle, every Disney Princess needs her own adorable sidekick to have her back and to rely on for some comedic humor; and yet again, Leia delivers with her droids, C-3Po and R2-D2! If you’ve seen Star Wars, you know R2-D2 definitely comes through for Leia as she trusts him with the plans for the Death Star and helps to save the day, all without saying an intelligible word. Now that’s a good sidekick!

So that is why I think Princess Leia is most definitely qualified to be a Disney Princess; but what do you think? Do you agree?

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  1. Personally I think Leia is above being called a Disney Princess. She doesn’t need to be branded with the Princesses or their franchise to make her more appealing to the audience or sell merchandise. She’s already been proven successful.

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