Top 5 Walt Disney World Rides for Couples

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Believe it or not, Walt Disney World is not just for kids/families, it can also be a romantic place to vacation for couples as well! Should you find yourself in the mood for a little Disney Romance, then check out these top romantic rides for couples:

1. Peter Pan’s Flight – Board a pirate ship for a trip to Neverland! The ships are suspended from the ceiling, giving you the feeling that you are flying, as you soar through scenes from the movie. It’s set mostly in the dark, plus you get to fly – how much more romantic can you get than that!

2. Spaceship Earth – Located in Epcot’s icon, the giant shimmering geosphere, this ride depicts the story of how we communicate, from ancient to modern times. The best part is that it is interactive – partway through the ride, the screen in front of you comes to life, and you enter some information, answer some questions, and then it shows “your future”, it’s a lot of fun and a blast to see what your future holds for you and your significant other.

3. The Great Movie RideHollywood Studios has that old timey Hollywood appeal, which to me always seems a bit romantic/nostalgic by itself, and this ride definitely adds to this atmosphere. Journey through the history of movies, from Alien to the Wizard of Oz. The best part is that it’s set in a replica of Mann’s Chinese Theater, complete with the concrete handprints of famous people, which is a really fun thing to check out after riding through the movies!

4. Kilimanjaro Safaris – This is definitely one of the best attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as it offers you the chance to check out animals in their natural habitat on the African savannah! What makes this a great couples ride is trying to spot the animals and their mates – the female and male lions are my personal favorite

5. The Haunted Mansion – Ok, so I know what you’re thinking – something with “Haunted” in it’s name can’t be considered ‘romantic’, right? Well, think again, as you ride through the dark and spooky corridors in your doom buggy, you may find yourself jumping with fright – right into your significant other’s arms! Ok, so maybe romance isn’t the best way to describe this one – but my husband and I love riding it together, we always notice something new and different that we hadn’t seen before

And if you happen to be hungry after checking out these rides, then I recommend you try out a romantic restaurant, there are plenty to choose from in the WDW Theme Parks, and outside the Parks too!

How do you infuse romance into your WDW vacation? Is there a ride or a restaurant you love to share with your significant other?

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Walt Disney World Rides for Couples

  1. I think that’s a pretty accurate list. I would however add in Twightlight Tower of Terror. It has the same “aire” as Haunted Mansion, but I think towards the end (especially before your “final ride”) you can grab hold of each other and then later get off and say you survived it together.

    Since my husband doesn’t like heights, this is the one ride where he needs my hand to hold instead it being the other way around.

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