Top 5 Tips For Keeping Cool at Walt Disney World


Ok, so, in case you didn’t know – aside from Disney World being the happiest place on earth – it is also at times the HOTTEST place on earth – that Florida sun can be brutal – and if you aren’t used to it, you can easily get: dehydrated, sunburned, heat stroke – or all 3.

Which is why you will want to follow my Top Tips For Keeping Cool at Disney World:

HYDRATE: I cannot stress this one enough – drink a TON while you’re out in the sun – and not just soda or juice or sports drinks – I am talking specifically about good old H2O here folks – make sure you always have a couple of water bottles handy (one for each person would be ideal), and make sure they are filled at all times, oh – and make sure you are actually DRINKING the water, too. I like to bring my own Nalgene-style water bottle from home, and fill it at my resort with water and ice before I leave for a day at the Parks. Obviously other drinks are great too, but nothing helps you stay hydrated like water – and you will be doing a lot of walking (and potentially a lot of sweating too….)

Put A Lid On It: Wear a hat. Even if you think you look silly in hats (like my husband) – trust me, there is nothing worse than a painful sunburn on your scalp – that hurts, then itches….just avoid it altogether and wear a hat, and hey, bonus – there are plenty of hats to choose from at WDW – including tons of Mickey Ear hats! Speaking of sunburn – you will want to slather every inch of visible skin with sunscreen, too – like hourly when possible. You may think I am being overly paranoid, but trust me I am not – that Florida sun can really beat down on you, and while it’s a pain to re-apply the stuff that often, it’s well worth the effort, as a bad sunburn can really ruin a vacation

Hang Out Inside: Obviously you will spend the majority of your time outdoors when at Disney World, but there are some ways to beat the heat by escaping to the indoors. Utilize the indoor seating when eating at restaurants, and shop as much as you want (indoor stores = air conditioning!). I also recommend you take advantage of the indoor rides/attractions at the Parks too – check out my top 5 indoor attractions here

Take Breaks: Don’t be so busy running around trying to see and do it all that you forget to relax and take breaks – after all you ARE on vacation, right? Find a shady spot to sit and re-hydrate and re-apply that sunscreen every hour or so, and take a break from the Parks altogether when the sun is the hottest – right around lunchtime and the earlier afternoon hours. Head back to your >a href=>WDW Resort for lunch and a dip in the pool, or relax in your room and take a nap – either way, by dinner time you will be ready to head back out to the Parks for more fun in the (slightly less hot) sun!

Bring Along Your Own “Cool Tools”: Obviously you will be heading to the Parks armed with multiple water bottles full of nice cold water, but you can also bring a few other items along from home to help beat the heat. A Chilly Towel or two is a definite must – these are awesome little towels that you can wet with just regular tap water, and as that water evaporates the towel magically cools and is a great thing to wear around your neck while waiting in line for rides. The Parks sell handheld fans that you fill with water and can then mist yourself with, but they are pricey – so bring one along with you, they can be purchased online (like from Amazon)

Aside from helping you and your family stay healthy, these tips for keeping cool while at Walt Disney World will also help make you happier and more comfortable overall – and that’s pretty important when you’re on vacation, am I right?

OH – and one more tip – you will want to make sure you’re eating plenty of popsicles and Mickey Bars. Partly because they are nice cold treats, but also because they’re just awesome!

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  1. Great tips! That FL sun is worse than it looks. I live in Texas where I am used to sunshine and heat and even humidity, but even the Florida sun and humidity took a toll on me and as a result I spent a day and a half of vacation time in my resort room recovering.

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