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    I also miss River Country.  A visit there is one of my earliest memories of Disney.  I also miss Horizons.  We discovered it a few years before they closed it to make way for Mission Space, and it was kind of sad.  I also have some dim memories of Mission to Mars.  I’d kinda like to see that one, just to remember why so many people would sit in that room to visit Mars through a screen in the floor and some on the walls.  My absolute favorite though, was the World of Motion.  I love Test Track, but it was incredibly sad to me that World of Motion had to be sacrificed to bring it to us.

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    River Country was awesome, I went there on my own for a day. It was lovely, swimming, sliding, reading in the sun. It was my first ever experience with a water park, went with 3 friends who lived in Florida (I live in the Pacific Northwest), that day was also an amazing experience. One thing I really liked about it was that it wasn’t huge, almost a cozy feeling compared to Typhoon or Blizzard.

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    I would also like to add these 5:
    5.  Swan Boats in Magic Kingdom
    4.  Cranium Command – EPCOT
    3.  Communicore – making dining reservations in front of a tv screen with a CM, it was fun – EPCOT
    2.  Backlot Tour – that actually goes somewhere and is cool instead of lame – HS
    1.  Horizons – EPCOT

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    Jessica St. Hill

    I agree with River Country 100%. Just t provide some insight, though, the reasoning all came down to legalities. The park was closed with the intention of possibly revamping it, certainly giving it a good spit and polish, around the same time that legislation was being passed more closely regulating swimming places that were based on “natural” bodies of water in the wake of new findings regarding bacteria in such pools and parks. The amount of money and effort involved in isolating and filtering River Country’s pools and water sources was considered prohibitive and ultimately the closure remained permanent. What IS really weird though is the way it was left to fall into ruin. Die hard Disney nerds may already be aware of the pictures available online of an “unauthorised field trip” some folks took over the walls where RC is being reclaimed by swamp, time, and weather. If not, Google “River Country abandoned” and enjoy the creepy chills as you browse the photos. Oh! and by all accounts, music is still playing and the lights still come on at night. Cree. Pee. My first husband and I went there for our honeymoon and seeing those pictures is really sad in many ways.

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    I  loved river country, it was disney 1st waterpark, they closed it from what i believe was because of the bacteria in the lake . Totally stinks, wished they could have dammed the water and built a pool type park and give it the disney magic to make you think its part of the lake.  so sad its gone!

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