Top 5 Reasons to Choose Blizzard Beach

Just like Disney World’s theme parks, Blizzard Beach, one of the Disney’s waterparks, offers a great theme, storyline, fun for the family, and an experience you will never forget! Blizzard Beach is also a great way to get some relief from that intense Florida heat.

The story behind Blizzard Beach is that a freak snowstorm in central Florida prompted the opening of a ski resort; but when it began to melt, it was turned into a waterpark.

5. Experience-Where else can you and your family spend hours splashing in the Florida sunshine amidst snow drifts to a Christmas soundtrack with a ski lift overhead? Yeah, didn’t think so.

4. Summit Plummet-The centerpiece of Blizzard Beach, this slide is made to resemble a ski jump; and at 12 stories high, it holds the title of the tallest free-fall waterslide in the world. In addition, it sends guests in and out of the dark at 50 to 60 mph, making it also the fastest free-fall slide in the world! Get ready to scream!

3.Thrills-Blizzard Beach is home to a vast variety of slides which are sure to get your adrenaline pumping! So if you are a thrill-seeker, this is the park for you.

2. Theme-The story behind this waterpark is incredibly fun and unique. No other waterpark that we know of can boast a theme quite like Blizzard Beach; and Imagineers cleverly carried the melting ski resort theme throughout the park in their attractions, architecture, and those little details. Keep an eye out for icicles, snowmen, and even a snowplow!

1. Variety-Blizzard Beach boasts many slides and pools, including a special area for toddlers and another for young children. Due to the vast variety of water fun available at this park, there really is something for every age and taste making it great for families!

Will you choose Blizzard Beach on your next Disney World vacation? Share with us!

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