Disney World Quick Tips – Packing Your Electronics

Have you ever wondered how in the world you were going to keep all those tiny things safe in your luggage?

Chargers for all your electronic items, iPods, mini video cameras, OTC medications, first aid items, portable video game cartridges, extra memory cards/sticks and batteries are just a few of the small itemspictured above.

All these objects fit nicely in a pencil case where they are protected and can easily be stored inside the in-room safe in most resort rooms. I would refrain from putting anything wet or liquid in with the electronic items in case of spills or leaks. I purchased my pencil case at the beginning of the school year for around $1. Most large box retailers carry them and in a multitude of colors. You can even decorate them with Disney stickers if you wish.

You could also, hypothetically, pack your Roku player inside to use while on vacation. I cannot confirm that a Roku player will connect to the free Wi-Fi on property, however, because I forgot my Roku remote control at home. Which, incidentally, could fit nicely inside the pencil case as well. My Roku player did look very snazzy connected to the televisions at the Polynesian Resort. It made a great paper weight for our stay.

As a bonus, the pencil case is great for transporting home all the stickers, pirate coins and gems, unused fastpasses for the scrapbook and even pressed pennies you will have accumulated during your stay.

No pencil case? A cheap Rubbermaid Take-a-long with a lid could serve the same purpose. Just be sure the lid fits snug and the electronic items do not jostle around inside.

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3 thoughts on “Disney World Quick Tips – Packing Your Electronics

  1. I also use pencil box to carry my chargers. After packing all the chargers in the box I can easily keep it in the luggage without thinking much. But don’t put you electronics devices in the same box with the chargers. Keep them in other box to keep them safe.

  2. My dad has always used the toiletry bags they give you on international flights to store his cords, etc. in. Both are great tools for staying organized while on vacation and protecting your electronics. I know my iPhone is almost always at my side so I wouldn’t need to pack it, but chords are always thrown in at the last minute or often forgotten so this would help have a place to put them!

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