Top 5 Homemade Star Wars Items You Must Own

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I’m sure it’s no surprise that we’ve got a little Star Wars fever going on this week. I just can’t stop scrolling through and looking for new Star Wars goodies to help countdown the hours until I can see this long anticipated movie. I’ve found some totally awesome every day Star Wars branded items, but I’ve also found some unique home-made Star Wars items too!

Check out the 5 Top items I think any Star Wars fan would love:

5.) A cute Star Wars Mug with a clever play on words. This hilarious mug from FloridaKeysMomma, Looks like the scrolling words on-screen before our beloved movies with a fun twist on a popular saying.


4.) BB-8 T-Shirt. Not much is known about this little droid yet, but it can’t be denied that he is not only adorable, but already very popular too! I think BootsArt has captured the cuteness of BB-8 with a little bit of humor quite well!


3.) Yoda Cutting Board. Cook you must, with this custom engraved cutting board from HeartwarmingGift. They can even be personalized!


2.) Star Wars Vinyl Wall Clock. This amazing clock from Vinylastico is simplistic, yet filled with so much detail. Even though the record features all of our favorite characters as cut out silhouettes within, it’s also styled to look like the Death Star! Now we can tell time with The Force!


1.) I Love You, I know collectible pillows set. Han Solo is one of my favorite parts of the original Star Wars trilogy. His well delivered lines never cease to creak me up, especially “Never tell me the odds” and “I know” when Leia says she loves him. I found this pillow set at slushieprints, and I can NOT get enough of how witty this pillow set is!


I hope you enjoyed checking out some of my favorite Home Made Star Wars goodies! Did we miss any favorites on your list?