My Top 5 must have, most forgotten items for the kids!

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Our prince tuckered out after running in Disney for literally 13 hours!!!

35 Days!  Yes that is the countdown until our “Holiday” trip begins!  I usually am pretty stress free (except for the night before/morning of the trip).  This trip however is a bit different for me.  This upcoming trip I will be traveling with BOTH kids!  Yes I know some of you are old pro’s at this but for us this is the first time traveling with not just one child but 2!  I am not embarrassed to admit I am a little stressed! I have the traveling with one kid down pat…Jr has been to Disney 3 times since he was born and on a Disney cruise (he is only 2).  It was relatively easy to pack for one, get to the airport with one, fly with one, and tour the parks with one.  This time is going to be so different!  2 car seats for the plane, most likely an extra bag of luggage due to unpredictable Florida weather in December, 2 single strollers or one double?!  Oh the choices and preparation!

Even though I have only traveled with one I have learned so much!  Things like head back for a nap (or you will be that family in the park…you know the family with the screaming tantrum throwing child, and the parents that are stressed out yelling at each other because of the screaming kid…side note…that has been us!)  So as I prepare for the next phase in our Disney life, I am going to welcome you all along to take a ride with us!  I am going to include you all on some tips and tricks, some packing thoughts and suggestions, decisions that are to be made, tools that we will use in the parks to help us get the most out of our vacation, and when we come back I will share with you new things that I have learned and some great memories that I just know we will make!  So buckle your seat belts and join us for the next chapter in our crazy, busy, Disney loving family’s life!  I am SO glad you are joining us!


Thermometer:  Flash back to October 2011:  My son’s second trip to Disney at just 16 months old.  He wasn’t acting himself, eventually started not eating and throwing horrid tantrums no matter how much sleep he got!  He had diarrhea so bad one day, felt like he was burning up, and wouldn’t eat and drink.  The next day we booked a flight to come home because I had a feeling it would get worse and as we were waiting for the Magical Express he started vomiting horribly.  Needless to say by the time we got home we rushed him to our Children’s ER because he was so dehydrated and lethargic with a 102 fever.  Needless to say maybe had I brought a thermometer and took his fever as soon as he started acting himself maybe I could have intercepted all of this craziness had I been more prepared!  I have learned that when my kids stop acting like themselves they are most likely getting sick.  From that trip on I always come prepared!

Tylenol & Dosing Syringes:  This goes right along with the thermometer!  If the kids spike a fever it’s easy to make them feel a bit better with a dose of Tylenol/Motrin!  Tylenol can also come in handy if your little angels decided like mine did to cut a tooth in Disney!

Dish Soap:  O.K. people I know that you can buy dish soap at Disney gift shops in the hotels, but I was charged over $3.00 for a travel size Dawn dish soap!  I almost hit the deck but I was desperate since I had bottles, sippy cups, and nipples to clean!

Bottle Brush:  This is so helpful if you have little ones like we do!  I was again charged over $3.00 for a bottle brush!  I learned to bring one from home and then leave it in the garbage on the way home!  I think it is so much easier to use a bottle brush (especially for bottle nipples) than it is to use a washcloth from the room to get the bottles clean!

Please note:  If you don’t mind spending extra money at Disney or are trying to pack/travel light, the Disney gift shops usually have everything that you need and forget!  For our family we try to travel on a budget and get the most of our money so even though it may not be as convenient, it is much more cost-effective to remember as much as possible!

What are some of your top useful items that you tend to forget?!?!  Please Please share with me and all of the readers!  Who knows I just may use YOUR TIP in an upcoming article entitled “Heather’s Readers Tips for traveling with Kids!”

Heather is a Disney Gal, who loves the chocolate smell of Pop Century in the morning, dreams of being Snow White in a parade, and happily skips down the middle of Main Street USA while wearing Mickey Ears!


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3 thoughts on “My Top 5 must have, most forgotten items for the kids!

  1. Little forehead thermometers are available in the Baby Care Centers in the parks. I visited the ones in MK, Epcot, and DAK with my 9 month old. DAK is by far the best but they are all great and you can purchase diapers, bottles, wipes, medicine, sunscreen, etc. in case you forgot. For little ones I would keep in mind how they like to be carried. We were lucky enough to have family driving in (while we flew) who brought a high chair and stroller with them but at the last minute I packed a baby carrying sling. I’m glad I did because almost every day my daughter snuggled in it for about an hour and slept while I continued walking around the park.

  2. We are going to be at Disneyworld at that very same time!  We are bringing our 4 year old Twin Grandsons.  This is their second trip.  We also bring a first aid kit packed with every kind of kid medicine etc, hand gel that attaches to stroller, sunscreen of course and sunglasses and hats.  Antibacterial wipes also.  We always put an extra outfit for each child in stroller..just in case!

  3. I understand about being prepared and not want to spend the bank at a Disney gift shop to buy forgotten items but, why not travel outside of the Disney line and hit up a supermarket or Walmart for those forgotten but must have now items? Especially when your child is acting weird and you suspect illness. Just a thought…

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