Top 5 Epcot Hidden Details

Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World knows that Disney specializes in the details; and I’m always on the look-out for new details or hidden Disney magic that isn’t so easy to find! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite Epcot hidden details that I have discovered on my visits to the park. Enjoy!

1. Club Cool-Located near the Fountain of Nations in Future World, this indoor spot offers cool Coca-Cola merchandise and soda fountains offering soft drinks from all over the world. Grab a paper cup and feel free to sample all you want for no cost at all!

2. Stave Church-At the Norway pavilion, you will see an tall, old wooden structure that is actually a replica of the old stave churches in Norway. While many guests see this building, they don’t realize that you can go inside! Go ahead and open the door and learn about Norway’s history in the mini-museum you find inside.

3. Timeline of Discovery-If you head towards The Land pavilion from Innoventions West, look down to find a large circle in the pavement with names and dates of those who have made scientific discoveries or accomplished great things.

4. Outpost Coca-Cola Coolers-Located at the World Showcase’s Outpost, take some time to explore the area next to the quick service counter. Open up the Coca-Cola cooler, listen, and then get refreshed! Just do it!

5. Lighted Sidewalks-Near park closing, after Illuminations, look down as you walk between Innoventions Plazas and Spaceship Earth towards the exit. You will find that the sidewalk twinkles in cool designs with fiber optic lights! Kids are sure to enjoy this!

Have you discovered any of these Hidden Details during your visit to Epcot? Let us know!


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