Top 5 Things To Do at Blizzard Beach


I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for summer! Now summertime at Disney can get pretty intense. After all, Florida is known for its infamous humidity; but there is a cure: The Disney Water Parks!

Walt Disney World is home to two themed water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach; but today, we are focusing on Disney’s Blizzard Beach, which is probably the most unique water park on the planet! The story behind Blizzard Beach is that there was a freak snowstorm which hit Central Florida and thus Florida’s first ski-resort was born! However, the weather phenomenon was only temporary and soon the ski-resort began to melt, turning ski runs and water slides and snow drifts into pools! That’s when the whole idea was transformed into a water park, but remnants of the ski-resort still exist from a working ski-lift to snow plows to icicles! There’s lots of snow left too!

So if you’re looking to cool off, there’s no better cure than a snow day at Disney’s Blizzard Beach; and to know how to do it right, check out my Top 5 Things To Do at this unique, family friendly water park!

5. Ride the Ski Lift-Most of Blizzard Beach’s slides are located on a snow covered hill; and while you can take the maze of steps up to the snowy peak, we recommend the ski lift! Not only is it the more relaxing of the two, it’s also an entertaining, leisurely ride that enables you to see the other slides and guests enjoying themselves down below. You also get a really great view of Blizzard Beach’s icon, the dizzying Summit Plummet!


4. Check out the Ski Patrol Training Camp & Tikes Peak with Your Kids-Let the kids run and enjoy at these two awesome kid designed play areas! The Ski Patrol Training Camp is for kids and pre-teens and offers several kid friendly slides, a zip-line, and training course where kids must balance their way across floating ice bergs! Little princes and princesses can run and splash in their own area, Tikes Peak, which offers mini-slides that small versions of the actual slides found in the park. There’s also a melting snow castle and snow structures, Ice Gator friends, and even a sandy shore to enjoy. Even if you’re not traveling with kids, these adorable areas are worth seeing!

3. Ride Teamboat Springs-This family raft ride is one of the longest in the world! This means that you get a nice, long ride which is well worth the wait. Also, these rafts are huge as they seat up to six guests, meaning the whole family can ride together and watch their faces as they slip, slide, tilt, and get splashed!

2. Float Around Cross Country Creek-This lazy river is fun for the whole family and offers both relaxation, some excitement, and even a few surprises such as a dark cave dripping icy cold water, frozen, leaky pipes, and even the Ice Gator’s House! Cross Country Creek encircles the park and offers several stops, making it a much better alternative to getting around the park compared to walking!

1. Brave Summit Plummet-This slide is the centerpiece of the water park and probably one of the most intense attractions on property! This steep, 12 story, free-fall water slide resembles a ski jump and takes you from the platform, through a dark tunnel, and finally back out into the light as you come to a splashing stop at the bottom. It’s very fast and is sure to test your nerve!

Bonus: Be sure to get your picture made with the Disney Snowman family towards the front of the park! They are dressed for a day at the Disney parks, including Mouse Ears!

So I want to know, who’s a fan of Blizzard Beach? What’s your favorite thing to do when you visit?

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