Top 5 Apps for your Disneyland Vacation

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Every family traveling to the magical world of Disneyland eventually comes to the same question: How am I going to fit it everything I want to do/see in just three days? Smartphones have made it remarkably easier to accomplish this task, acting as pocket tour guides with tips, reviews, and behind-the-scenes info. Browse this list of 5 apps and select the one that’s the best fit for you. You’ll love actually enjoying all the park has to offer rather than spending your day staring at maps, schedules, and brochures.

  1. Mousewait–  FREE

This free app is packed with all the features most will need. You can access wait times for all the rides in Disneyland as well as California Adventure, browse a food directory that has menus, maps and reviews, and get detailed weather reports. You can also create your own Disneyland to-do list including all the attractions, restaurants, and events you’d like to attend. You can even chat with others in the park to keep in the know of what’s going on around you. The app will send you push notifications to remind you when to pick up your fast passes or when you have a dinner reservation scheduled.

  1. Wishing Stars – $4.99

This actually isn’t a planning app, but it’s such a fun opportunity it’s worth mentioning. Wishing Stars is basically a series of treasure hunts within the Disneyland park. You can choose from varying levels of difficulty to accommodate children, adults, or even Disney fanatics. The app will give you a clue, and then use your GPS location to determine if you’ve found the correct answer.

  1. Disneyland iGuide – $2.99

This guide comes in handy starting from the second you park your car. There’s a spot for you to record where your car is parked, so you won’t have to wander around late at night on the verge of a breakdown. It also features a customizable panoramic map that allows you to zoom to three times magnification. The GPS walker follows you at all times so you can quickly spot where you are. The times your Fastpasses must be picked up or returned will be displayed on your map as well for your convenience. There’s a feature to find all dining options that are under the $10 pricepoint, or even switch your map to a restaurant-only view. It also has the capability for you to plan your own itineraries and checklists.

  1. Disneyland Planner – $2.99

Similar to previous apps, this one shares a lot of the same features. There’s a spot to record you parking location, maps of the park, customizable itineraries, and wait times for all the attractions. Unique features are a trip countdown that can be used in the days leading up to your vacation, a gift-list creator, and user ratings for all attractions, dining spots, and shopping locations. It’s also the only app that provides photos and details for events in the park.

  1. Hidden Mickeys – $7.99

Disney Imagineers having been cleverly sticking silhouettes of Mickey Mouse’s head throughout the park for decades. They’re in top secret locations that only true Disney fans can spot! Occasionally the hidden Mickey comes in other forms- for example a picture of Mickey Mouse can be spotted on Splash Mountain, and a stuffed Mickey is stashed in a secret location on Star Tours. This app provides detailed clues to help you find the hidden Mickey’s all over the park. Discovering their secret locations adds another element to your vacation, and kids and adults alike will enjoy scanning for hidden images while in lines and on rides. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know where one could pop up!

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