One Of The Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America Is Orlando???

A sobering statistic to report from the Happiest Place On Earth (or at least where it resides)…violent crime in Orlando has placed the city on the “Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America” list.  Orlando ranks 24th among the top 25 most dangerous cities according to Business Insider’s analysis of FBI data on crime in the US in the year 2011.

According to the report Orlando reported 1,073 violent crimes per 100,000 people.  #1 on the list was Flint, Michigan with Detroit, MI coming in #2.  Just ahead of Orlando was Springfield, IL at #23 and below it Baton Rouge, LA at #25.

How does this affect you (if you do not live in the Orlando area but visit it frequently and stay in the bubble of Walt Disney World?) Read on travelers for some tips on keeping safe.

No matter where you are, be it downtown Scary Town or Walt Disney World, it’s always good to keep in mind when going away to remember that even though you are on vacation to always be alert and to use your common sense.  Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of guests, especially those who may have their normal “guard” down because they are on vacation. Do not leave anything of value unattended, including cameras in strollers while you run into Mexico or souvenirs in bags to hold your table while you pick up your counter service food.

Also, remember if you see anything strange or feel threatened in any way, locate a cast member or call 911. Do not assume that just because you are at Disney that some criminals do not thrive on tourists. The good news is Walt Disney World does a great job in keeping security visible and the resort safe, so you should be comfortable but cautious and most important of all…use common sense!

What do you think about this tips?  Should Orlando be doing something different to get off the list?  Share tips of your own and let us know!


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