Top 10 Absurd Star Wars Items You Must Own

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Star Wars Tongs


With Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening in theaters this week, the hype and marketing has been big, BIG, BIG! There’s been so many new Star Wars themed items it’s hard to ignore The Force all around us. We put together some of the funniest and more unique items we’ve found that we would love to have, no matter how ridiculous or absurd!

10.) Fruit!: Yes that’s right produce featuring the images of classic and new Star Wars characters. There’s apples, grapes, oranges and more!

Froen grapes Mock up

9.) Band-Aids: Heal your boo-boos with The Force! These bandages with galactic power come with a collectible tin to keep your band-aids safe from the Dark Side.

Star Wars Bandaids

8.) Campbell’s Soup: Chicken and Noodle soup can now battle for the galaxy or your tummy with collectible labels from Campbell’s Soup.

starwars soup

7.) Makeup: CoverGirl released a line of The Force Awakens make up inspired by the characters and themes of Star Wars.

Star Wars mascera

6.) Silicone Ice Cube Trays: You can entertain your friends while representing your Star Wars nerd pride!

Star Wars ice

5.) Death Star Spatula and Light Saber Tongs: These are awesome, I mean  SUPER awesome! I want to have a BBQ just to use these things!

Star Wars Spatula Star Wars Tongs

4.) Cereal: Forget Lucky Charms, I want R2-D2 Marshmallows!

Star Wars Cereal

3.) Darth Vader Cookie Jar: The fear of having to battle Darth Vader for my favorite cookies, might help keep me on my diet better.

Star Wars Cookie Jar

2.) Jedi Bath Robe: You can bring dressing up as a Jedi to a whole new level with an officially licensed bath robe made to look like Jedi robes.

Star Wars Bath robe

1.) Darth Vader Shower Head: If you thought the Mickey and Minnie shower heads were hilarious, meet the Darth Vader shower head! Prepare to Shower with the Dark Side!

Darth Vader Shower

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of absurd Star Wars themed products, have you seen any other must have silly products?

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