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  1. 11

    Ron Turner

    How does that crow taste?

  2. 10


    That is the plan. Star Tours I doubt is moving as it was just redone with state of the art equipment.

  3. 9


    They will probably move Star tours out and put something else there. It is the right thing to do. You know the movie “Tomorrowland is coming.” I heard it is like a Harry Potter in space concept. Just imagine that movie takes off. Now they can re-theme Tomorrowland and use the movie as a selling tool. I say go with Starwarsland and create a new Marvel theme park on the extra land they own on Katella.

  4. 8


    hope you’re wrong. I still miss Toontown from WDW. I know it wasn’t one of the original “lands” but kids (and kids at heart) loved it so. I’ve always felt that at least someday we can save up for a trip to DL and let the kids see Toontown there–I really, really hope this is another one of the crazy rumors that don’t come true.

  5. 7


    That’s nothing more than a big fat lie created by MiceChat! They ALWAYS make a big fat lies like that, especially when it comes to things that they have personal vendettas against such as Toontown, Autopia, Nemo, Muppet-Vision, etc.

  6. 6


    Why would they leave Star Tours in Tomorrowland? That doesn’t even make sense.

  7. 5

    Marie Tanner Castellano

    I’ve been going to Disneyland since it opened in 1955 and worked there for 5 years in the early years, Toontown was a late comer to me. I haven’t the attachment to it that others seem to have. Star Wars is another matter altogether…it’s a classic. I can’t wait for it to open! It’s a great idea! I hope the rumors are true. I’ll be first in line!

  8. 4

    Victoria Armendariz Salmeron

    I think the best place for a star wars land is tomorrowland but without removing space mountain

  9. 3


    Upsetting to hear this! I thought at least Disneyland would keep Toon Town. Guess I will have to enjoy it as much as possible in August when I go!

  10. 2

    Trinity Whetstone

    NO! I love star wars don’t get mewrong but Toon-Town was my favorite at WDW and they took it out to make the new fantasy-land. I’m looking forward to getting to see Toon-town again. I understand the importance of incorporating the new Disney things to keep it fresh but I would hate to see the classic Disney go.

  11. 1


    That would be a cool addition but toontown is a classic! It is what Disney is all about. Also it is one of the only more relaxing places for little children. Toontown, though underrated, is much of the heart and soul of Disney

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