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    do whatcha gotta do

    I’ve brought my 8, 6 and 4 year olds the last 3 years! #ymbada

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    Tammy Sofield

    We generally go to Dollar Tree to get small inexpensive snacks like goldfish or peanut butter crackers and juice boxes to help with little appetites. We keep it small and light weight. lunchables are also great. You can carry a sippy cup and get free ice water from most quick service places. #ymbada

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    Terry Berrier

    Great ideas, I think talking about Disney and what you are going to do before you go, every day, helps a lot to build the excitement. Also showing pictures of past trips and telling stories about them really helps, My 3 yr old grandson loves to look at them and say “what that?”#ymbada

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    My daughter had her first Disney trip at age 22 mos…she LOVED it (& still does!) Great info, TY….would also like to say those space saver type bags (you vacuum the air out) are great for packing, been going carry-on only a lot…..and if your toddler can handle it, they ARE entitled to fly with a carry-on if you buy them a seat, so the little rolling (preferably Disney!) Carry-ons are great, my daughter handles her own since age 2! #YMBADA

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    Dana Fawley Molloy

    Great article! I’m bookmarking this since I plan on taking my 2 year old this fall! #ymbada

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    Food! LIttle ones’ appetites are usually more sporatic than ours. Snack packing and meal planning are a MUST when taking the munchkins to WDW. A cooler bag is good, but if your little ones can make it on non-refridgeratables, then you’re better off. If you can, plan a meal or two with character dining (but only if your toddler is cool with characters approaching them; otherwise, skip it and have a happier meal). You may want to avoid ADRs altogether if your child is regularly finicky about eating times (or if they don’t do well with sit-down places). But, there are plenty of quick serve options that will keep them (& you) happy.

    You will know your kids best when it comes to what they eat and the atmosphere they need to enjoy it.

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