Tips For Wet Rides: Stay Dry and Avoid the SOAK!

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There’s nothing like a fall down Splash Mountain to cool you off on a hot day in the parks.  And while those hot days far outweigh the cooler days, it’s good to know how to wrangle water rides on those days where getting soaked isn’t exactly in the books.

What about those days where you are awaiting dining reservations, carrying pricey camera equipment, or braving the chilly parks.  I’ve been there friends and I can tell you with experience that skipping the ride isn’t fun.  But, what can be done?  I’m so glad you asked!  Today I’m sharing my top tips for staying dry on wet rides!

Whether you are braving Splash Mountain or swishing through the Kali River Rapids, there are some tricks to stay dry and avoid the SOAK (or at least having a plan to get dry after).  Well, what are we waiting for the water is nice…lets jump in!

Secure your belongings

You can usually find me snapping photos at Disney.  As a Disney blogger, every trip I load up my photo stock pile, gathering needed pictures, coming up with inspiration, and of course capturing the memories!  That said, I am never without camera(s), lenses, and of course all my other photography equipment.  I saved up a looooonnnggg time for my D-SLR and I’m not ready to sacrifice it to the rapids!  That’s why I always make sure to secure my belongings.  I have found that a gallon size zip top bag is wonderful waterproofing strategy!  I usually have a few spares in my park bag.  I seal up all my small electronics in one bag together (like my point and shoot camera, flip cam, cell phone, fan, etc.).  Then I put my larger camera and lenses in individual bags.  Then I stash my items away in my park bag and brave the splashing, gushing, soaking good fun!

Opt for cover

Who said you have to get wet on water rides?  Coming prepared can help you avoid a wet situation!  So, what do I mean?  I’m talking about packing a poncho!  Many of us pack a poncho for the inevitable Florida afternoon rain storm, but only a special class of park goers don ponchos when heading down the hills of Splash Mountain.  I will say that there is a technique for tucking and securing those ponchos into place to make them waterproof… apparently there is….because when I attempted to stay dry with the poncho technique, I came out even wetter.  Cover up and keep dry (well…maybe) you’ll be glad you brought that poncho!

Always prepare

This is probably the most important letter/point of the acronym.  The value of purposefully planning ahead can save you.  Here are some thoughts for your planning consideration:

  • What are you wearing (word to the wise: AVOID wearing clingy clothes and white)
  • What are you planning to do next (sitting in a restaurant is not as much fun when you are soaked)
  • What will you look like wet?  (remember those clingy/white clothes, streaky mascara, and  frizzy hair)

Thinking through these bullet points can save you from a soaked situation!  Some of the best planners I know:

  • Plan out their water rides with reservations, etc.  These super smart guests ride after those important considerations!
  • Bring a brush/comb
  • Bring a dry stash of clothes or a towel.  Some people (aka, ME) have been known to dry off (as if that was even possible) with the hand dryers and paper towels/tissues in the girls room.  That was awkward.  Think ahead and stash a set of clothes in one of those trusty waterproof zip top bags!

Keep you feet dry

One of the best tips I ever got from a reader,  was how to keep your feet dry, well at least on Kali River Rapids.  Keeping your feet up on the bar is a GENIUS idea.  An idea that has saved me time and time again!  FYI, shoes must be worn on these rides and I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand wet shoes/socks!  If you are wearing flip flops/sandals/or Crocs (I’m indifferent on the whole Croc debate, btw) then you won’t have much of a concern here! Three cheers for quick drying shoes!

I hope these tips will help you avoid getting SOAKed as you head to Disney World’s favorite water rides!  What kinds of smart “pin worthy” ideas do you have to stay dry (drier)?  Share your tips below!

But the real share time today is going to be all about your soaked stories.   I’ll start us off,  about two years ago we decided to brave the Kali River Rapids as a family.  My sweet Mama must have drawn the short straw because she was the target of every splash, geyser, waterfall, rogue water squirt, massive mist, and water cannon.  She let out the FUNNIEST scream when water went straight down her back and into her seat.  I will never forget that day!  She was soaked and we were dry-like seriously dry- not even a drop of water!  We laughed so hard that day.  In fact, when I am feeling down, I think about her hair pasted to the sides of her face, her glasses all askew, her clothes dripping for days and then I laugh!  Hard!  So, share your soggy stories below!  Let’s all laugh!

As always, thank you for reading!

For more tips and ideas, check out my blog: Disney: Done Right!

See ya real soon!


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