Tips & Tricks for Flying to Disney

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Recently, I shared a post about “Packing Your Carry On Bag” for Walt Disney World. Then, I started thinking more about packing for Disney when you will be flying, like things to do when you arrive at the airport, airline info, and more. I felt I needed to expand a little more on the subject to help those getting ready to fly to Disney World for the first time or maybe those people who have flown many times.

Here are a few additional thoughts on the subject:

  1. When you arrive at the airport, remember where you parked- write it down, take a picture of the area number, etc.  If you are a frequent flyer, try to always park in the same area so you aren’t always searching for your car after a long flight!
  2. If your airline allows your bags to “fly free”, take advantage of it!  Just remember to pack some necessities in your carry on bag, just in case!
  3. Head to Walgreens, Target or Wal Mart and purchase a travel neck pillow.  These help with naps in the terminals and on flight.  I suggest buying one where the ends snap together so you can snap it to your carry on bag.  One less thing to worry about.
  4. Women, pack a scarf.  Not a winter scarf, the lightweight “fashion” scarf.  It will help you look “in style” and it can double as a blanket in the airports and flights and can help cover up any embarrassing spills on your clothes!
  5. Take a few snacks (not drinks) with you in your bag.  Sometimes you’ll have to get to the next flight in a hurry and won’t have time to eat in the airport.
  6. Research the type of plane you’ll be flying in before you arrive at the airport.  This way you’ll know how much room you’ll have to stash your carry on bag.  If it’s a small jet, you won’t have much room under the seat in front of you and you will want your essentials within easy reach.
  7. If you travel with a laptop, smart phone or tablet and depend on wifi, make sure you have a back up plan during travel!  Download any important information, confirmation numbers, etc in case you can’t get online. Also have some backup movies, games, etc lined up to keep you busy.
  8. Don’t ever pack your park tickets, restaurant confirmation numbers or any other important travel documents in your checked bags.  Just in case your bags are later than you, you’ll want those important documents!
  9. Consider packing a pillowcase from home for your resort.  A friend recently told me she always packs a pillowcase and puts 2 hotel pillows in her pillowcase to make a “fluffier” pillow.  Plus the pillowcase from home is familiar and helps her sleep better.
  10. Make sure to travel comfortable. No need to get all dressed up just to fly. You are going to be sitting for long period of times both at the airport and on the plane so wear something comfy!
Well that is all I have right now. Do you have anything else to add to this list? Let me know in the comment box below!
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Tips & Tricks for Flying to Disney 2

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4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks for Flying to Disney

  1. I just went to WDW for 9 nights and only took carry-on! I have food allergies so need to bring my own snacks for the whole trip with me, I also bring old socks and throw them out after every day – these two things give me souvenir space on the way home!
    Another reason to bring a thin scarf is for some of those Disney sit-down restaurants that have really cold A/C.

  2. Pack things in your shoes! Bag up any toiletries in ziplock bags and stuff them inside your shoes to save space. Socks can be packed in them as well. 🙂

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