Tips and Details for the Disney’s Magical Express


Getting from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Walt Disney World and back used to be quite a bit more complicated than it is today. Now we have the Disney’s Magical Express (DME) that will take guests to and from the airport to our home away from home. DME is free and incredibly simple to use, but you might need a little guidance on what to expect when you ride the Disney’s Magical Express…

Here is the basic sequence of events you follow in using DME:

  1. When you or your Authorized Disney Travel Agent make your reservations you just include your flight information, both arrival and departure. This sets the DME wheels in motion. If you are like me, you make flight reservations way in advance and flight numbers and times can change. If this happens you just call DME at exactly 45 days prior to your arrival (no earlier) and inform of the changes. They will make the adjustments before mailing your paperwork.
  2. When you get your paperwork you will receive  1 yellow luggage tag for each person on your reservation. If you need more just call DME and they will get them to you but do it early. The tags are for your checked baggage.
  3. Put the tags on your checked luggage before you go to the airport and check in as usual. Remember, you will be paying fees for the luggage unless you fly Southwest or are a Gold or Platinum Delta Skymiles member. There may be other exceptions that I am not aware of.
  4. If you are travelling with small children I recommend backing a bag for clothes, snacks, medicine, diapers, etc that you will keep with you. Keep in mind when you check your luggage at your home airport you are not going to see it again for awhile.
  5. That’s it for the arrival trip, your luggage will be picked up and delivered to your resort room normally within 2-4 hours after you land. You do not have to be in the room when it is delivered. There is an exception if your plane arrives before 5:00 AM or after 10:00 PM. In this case you can either pick up your own luggage and take it on the motor coach with you or let Disney take care of it the next day (or later that day if you arrive early). All you have to do is proceed to the DME pick up area on Level 1 Side B.
  6. The day before you check out you will receive a packet with DME instructions including the motor coach pick up time (about 3 hours before your flight time) and the phone number to call to pre pay your baggage charges. On check out day just bring your luggage to the DME counter at your resort and check it with them for your return flight. Your luggage will be waiting for you at your home airport.
  7. Some things to remember on checkout day, you must check your baggage no less than three hours prior to your flight time. You can check you luggage with DME up to twelve hours (but no more) prior to flight time. The DME counter is only open certain hours and that information will be in your packet.
  8. What we like to do is while the family is getting up and dressed is I run the bags to the DME counter and we run out for a quick bite to eat before we have to leave. We try to stay at our home resort that way if we need to run back to the room we can. But most times after we eat we just leave the restaurant, board the bus, and head home.

Here are a couple of important phone numbers:

  • Disney’s Magical Express is 866-599-0951
  • Baggage pre pay service is 407-284-1231.

You can review DME details by going to their Website.

As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

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