There Will Now Be an “In-Room” Delivery Fee at Walt Disney World Resorts

For a long time, you have been able to order from Amazon or other online grocery services and have them delivered right to your Walt Disney World Resort. This comes in handy for families flying in that want some in-room amenities and groceries for their stay at Walt Disney World.

Previously, you would order online and the items would be delivered to your resort and transferred to your room.

Walt Disney World Resort hotels are now charging a service fee for in-room deliveries of packages and groceries. A $6 service fee will be charged if you request the grocery order or package to be delivered to your room. Pickup at the lobby continues to be complimentary. The service fee is per order and not per bag.


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Heather Adamczak

One thought on “There Will Now Be an “In-Room” Delivery Fee at Walt Disney World Resorts

  1. This is not new. The Grand Floridian charged me $50 for 2 cases of water I ordered from amazon prime this past November. My husband offered to go down to the lobby to pick it up. No fee was mentioned until I saw the charge on my bill. They removed it when I questioned it. Suffice to say I was shocked but was told this was a “delivery” fee at deluxe resorts.

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