The U.S. is Lifting some International Travel Restrictions

Beginning September 14, the United States Government is lifting some of the restrictions on international travelers.

The CDC announced yesterday that international travelers will no longer be required to undergo enhanced health screening and will no longer be routed through designated US airports. Previously, those traveling from or through China, Iran, the European Schengen Zone, the UK, Ireland, and Brazil were subject to these restrictions.

Passengers who underwent enhanced screening were required to land in Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Atlanta, New York JFK, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington-Dulles, Newark, Seattle, or San Francisco airports.

International arrivals will no longer be screened for COVID-19 because “symptom-based screening has limited effectiveness”. The CDC will now be turning its COVID-19 efforts “to more effective mitigation efforts that focus on the individual passenger.”

Travel and Leisure is reporting that “Of the 675,000 passengers screened at the 15 airports, less than 15 were confirmed to have COVID-19.”

If you are an international traveler and have been wanting to plan a Disney World trip, you may be able to now! Be sure to check with your country’s restrictions to ensure that the trip home will be uninterrupted.

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