The Season 2 Finale of Star Wars ‘The Mandalorian’ is the Highest-Rated Episode to Date

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The Season 2 Finale of Star Wars ‘The Mandalorian‘ is the Highest-Rated Episode to Date. The Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian is being regarded as the “best episode” of the series. Fans are praising Director Peyton Reed and Showrunners Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for their work on the episode and managing to keep one of the biggest secrets in the series so far. Let’s be honest, Luke Skywalker’s appearance was just as much of a surprise as Grogu’s introduction.

Check out some of the glowing reviews from IMDb users regarding the finale:

10/10 rating: “As a nine year old I watched the original film at the cinema. Today, I am nine again, with tears of joy.” – Paul-Wheeldon

10/10 rating: “A literal masterpiece. Had a vibe like A New Hope with a twist. The last 8 mins are the greatest thing I have seen in Star Wars since the original trilogy. Love, sacrifice, honor, friendship, heroes, villains, LIGHTSABERS, and LUKE SKYWALKER in his prime!!! Grogu meeting R2 for the first time made it all the more heartwarming.” – corkymp89

10/10 rating: “AWESOME!!! Season 2 took the show to a higher level – Fantastic writing and creative overview from Jon Favreau across the series. Dave Filoni’s input is essential – You can see his understanding of the Star ‘lore’ shining through. And lastly, what a directorial master class from Peyton Reed! This episode is the best so far!!!” — xncivzf

10/10 rating: “Probably has to go down as one of the best series finales I have seen, has to be up there alongside “TNG” Best Of Both Worlds, “Blake’s 7” etc.

This series has been going from strength to strength since the start. A cast who enjoy what they do and some who are fans and know what the fans want. Writers and Directors who know exactly what the fans want and are able to show it on the screen. Peyton Reed did a brilliant job directing this episode.

I am not ashamed to admit I actually did a fist pump when I saw HIS X-Wing land, and the shadowy figure made his way through the corridors. I was beaming from ear to ear when he pulled back his cloak to reveal himself. I think there must have been some dust in the air as my eyes got a bit watery at the end.

As for that post credit scene…. Wow!

More please….

PS: Continue watching after the credits rolls!!.” – Safcinexile

10/10 rating: “The Mandalorian and his alies launch the rescue mission for Grogu.

I was enjoying this episode thinking that it was pretty good but nothing particularly special up until the final act when they throw something at you that is for me the biggest piece of fan service the franchise has ever done. This scene is what the episode will always be remembered for, along with a pretty emotional interaction between two of the show’s main characters.

The plot is pretty standard ‘crack-team on a mission’ that eventually turns into a siege. However, what makes it memorable is how it’s resolved and who is involved. There may be mixed feelings from viewers on the matter, but for me it worked. Putting certain characters in a near enough impossible situation takes something special to resolve it and it doesn’t come more special than that.

Performances are all solid, with no one consistently standing out except Giancarlo Esposito and in one scene Pedro Pascal. As always the spectacle of the action and visuals dominate things and this one has the wow factor of a cameo that almost blows everything else off the screen.

This is a very memorable episode and I have to admit that for once I was almost child-like in my state of excitement.” — snoozejonc

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