Disney Bound Moms Bring Humor To Quarantine

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would be getting into during this quarantine? A group of Disney moms on Instagram have come together with some amazing Disney themed bounds. The hashtag is #therealdisneymomsofquarantine and features some pretty creative ideas. This was the perfect way to kick-off Mother’s Day Weekend, Disney Style. Here’s a look at some of the fun Disney Characters in quarantine.

Disney Bound Moms Bring Humor To Quarantine

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When you can't be where the people are, get to where the fish are, or get away from where the kids are there is only one thing left to do…..lock yourself in a bathroom and let your tail out! (and maybe play some music to drown out the knocking at the door) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Couldn't resist being Ariel for #therealdisneymomsofquarantine. I mean it's ROUGH these days finding some alone time, it's either the car or the bathroom? This is usually my go-to place to regain SOME of my SANITY! (lets face it, warm water and bubbles can only do SO MUCH though) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who else can relate to this struggle? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PS If you need a good laugh today check out that hashtag. There are tons of creative mamas with a great sense of humor that will make your Mother’s Day weekend so much more enjoyable and relatable!

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Mickeybarmama on Instagram as Ariel talks about self-care as Ariel and taking some time for yourself.

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“Let’s get down to business to defeat Corona! Did they send me students, when I asked for sons?” . . This pretty much sums up my #therealdisneymomsofquarantine life: juggling distance learning with a kindergartener and a toddler! Teaching Colton all his subjects (including Chinese to his classmates) while entertaining Carter has been my greatest challenge. . . Thankful for our teachers, that it’s the weekend and for this community that understands my struggles and let’s me know that I’m not alone. ❤️#notmeanttobeateacher . . How’s quarantine life been treating you? . . ?: @magicalparklife #quarantinelife #disneymom #distancelearning #mulan #mulanbound #disneybounding #disneybound #disneystyle #disneystyleblog #boymom #disneymulan #disneymomlife #disneycommunity #disneyblogger #momblogger #disneyfamily #disneyathome #disneymemories #disneymagicalmoments #momoftwoboys @disneyfamily @thedisneybound @disneystyle

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Let’s get down to business and defeat this schoolwork! Anyone else feel like they’re going to war with homeschool? A.magical.life.for.me pulled this Mulan look off!

Did you even quarantine if you didn’t color your hair? Amagicalkingdomcalledhome channeled her inner Maleficent and Mal and bonded over some wicked color!

Who else feels Mad as a Hatter? Onceuponapotts has the perfect outfit and knows what moms really want at tea parties.

Poor unfortunate souls! A lot of things have changed during this time. I think we’re all losing our voices. Polyjuiceandpixiedust takes her guppies to the pool.

Briar Rosè and some Disney + sounds like the perfect mom’s night in! Magicallymegan channels Sleeping Beauty and has us all wishing for some good shut eye.

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Trying to channel my inner Kanga right now. ?The single mom who had all the patience for everyone. • For the first few weeks of quarantine I tried to get all the subjects done, teach full time, make gourmet meals…. I was stressed. • Day 50 whatever we are in to this I make sure Math and Reading get done, eat whatever is in the pantry, play video games with my kid… and I’m less stressed. If he takes an hour to write a sentence that’s his issue. Nothing else happens until it’s done but no stress for this mama. • I also laugh once a day, drink all the coffee (thanks @joffreyscoffeeandtea ) , and make sure to keep in contact with friends. • All this to say… YOU my friends are doing AWESOME ❤️ I know it hasn’t felt like this at every moment but you are. Keep it up. Hope is shining around the corner! • #therealdisneymomsofquarantine #momlife #disneymom #kanga #pooh #tiredmom #disneygram #mominfluencer

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Sonshine.adventures shares her inner Kanga and teaches everyone a bit of patience.

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You know the whole “Keep calm and carry on” thing…pretty sure Pocahontas would have that nailed. ?? I couldn’t resist being Pocahontas for #therealdisneymomsofquarantine I strive for her calm approach but like her, push me too far and you’ll know it! . . I’ve found that getting out into nature does wonders to clear my head and try to gain some shred of wisdom and clarity on this crazy situation…I’ve never tried asking the trees right enough. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?! ? . . Let’s not forget the main reason I relate to her-she understands what it’s like to constantly have to monitor her little sidekicks stealing All. The. Snacks. Anyone else struggling to keep up with the constant stream of snacks their kids are inhaling on a daily basis? I mean really, Meeko is a challenge…this is double trouble!?? Make sure to check out all the amazing bounds on this hashtag-I can’t wait to see them all!☺️

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Pocahontas is here to let you know some fresh air will do wonders! Get outside and move around. Scots_disney_mum and her little helpers really understand the importance of nature.

And shown above justasunshinestateofmind is Alice in Quarantine! I think we’re all a little mad here. Who’s eating all the snacks and making Zoom calls?

This was such a fun way to get the Disney Community together and celebrate. Mother’s Day (or any day) doesn’t have to be less because we’re all in quarantine. Make it fun and join in using the hashtag! Let’s see those Disney Bounds!


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