The New Hocus Pocus Plush Toys Have Us Running Amuck!

Did someone light the Black Flame Candle? Because the Sanderson Sisters are back, as adorable Hocus Pocus Plush toys! Thackery Binx has also been summoned to the party. These extra cute versions of some of our favorite Halloween characters are now running amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck on shopDisney!

Hocus Pocus Plush

Hocus Pocus Plush

Binx Plush

The Sanderson Sisters may have turned Thackery Binx into a cat, but he’s definitely the cutest kitty around. This plush feline wears an orange trimmed witch hat, and also has a coffin-shaped nametag that says “Binx”.

Hocus Pocus Plush

Winnifred Sanderson Plush

The head of the Sanderson Sisters, Winifred is ready to conjure up some snuggles. She’s not so scary looking now with her fiery red locks, and emerald green dress in stuffy form.

Hocus Pocus Plush

Sarah Sanderson Plush

Sarah is the most enchanting of the Sanderson Sisters. Her layers of golden locks and tiered dress, have her a bewitching plush you won’t be able to resist giving a hug.

Mary Sanderson Plush

Mary Sanderson’s signature curled smile and colorful dress make this a cuddly plush a must-have! I can almost hear her saying “I smell children”!

These wickedly adorable Hocus Pocus Plush are sure to cast the cute spells! They are available now at shopDisney and retail for $16.99.

What do you think of the spell-tacular new plush toys?

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