The Magic Behind the ‘Company’ – Getting to know Lindsey, aka Linds

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Linds and family at Minnie in the Park breakfast

Name Lindsey Pierce, but I go by Linds.
Where do you live Hawaii on the island of Oahu- for 25+ years
How long have you been with Chip and Company Just started last month officially, but I’ve written guest posts in the past over almost a year now when I started as a Disney travel agent.  It was my “dream job” I had been pursuing for years and finally got into it just after my 30th birthday- it’s been so fun and gives me the excuse to “talk Disney” daily!
What topics do you write about Mostly news updates but I’ve done some features about planning for the parks
Favorite C&C Writer Chip, he got me into this, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the others!
Do you have a Blog or Website Deals to Disney
What do you talk about there The latest Disney specials, planning help and anything else to get you ready for your Disney trip.
Have a Facebook Page or Twitter or Twitter @lindstravels
Favorite Disney Website other than Chip and Company– so I can save money and get back there faster!
What % of your clothes and house is decorated with Disney Gear Probably about 80%- there’s a hint of Disney in every room and I wear my Disney stuff almost daily!
Chip or Dale I admit I’m more like Chip, but Dale is a crack up!

What’s your Favorite Disney Park Can we only pick one? Disneyland Park is my home- similar to Magic Kingdom- I love to spend as much time in that park as I can.
How many Times have you been to the Disney Parks This year will be my 10th time to Disneyland and have been to Walt Disney World twice (most recent- Oct 2010).  Most of my trips have been a stop on the way home from visiting the mainland, but those were some of the best memories our family had.
What’s your First Disney Memory I remember meeting Minnie Mouse when I was 4.  She gave me a hug and was instantly my favorite.
What is your favorite Ride, Show, and Event Ride: Space Mountain Show: Illuminations at EPCOT and Event: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
Where is your favorite place to get your grub on We all really enjoy Goofy’s Kitchen, my husband likes Storyteller’s Cafe on Prime Rib night and my favorite quick stop is the chowder/chili in a sourdough bread bowl at Pacific Wharf.
What’s your favorite snack Anything at Pooh’s Corner- usually the huge chocolate-covered rice krispy treat.
You have the whole park to yourself tell us what park it would be and plan of attack Why attack? Is there a time limit- I’d just go from one ride to the next- but go to Disneyland Park- starting in Tomorrowland, then skip Fantasyland and do all the rest and save that for last.  Or just give me an unlimited FastPass to all rides, I’d even share the park with others.
Least Favorite Disney Ride or Attractions I’ve never done Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but that’s because I already have elevator phobias and this would probably just make it worse!
Whats missing from the Parks I can’t wait for Cars Land- so the west coast has a version of Test Track too!
Which thing do you wish Disney would bring back I miss the ride that went over Fantasyland like a ski-lift (it was gone when I was still little).
What do you bring to the park with you Travel light- besides our passes, we have snacks for the kids, water and a camera.
Do you fly, drive or take a Magic Carpet to the Disney Parks I wish we had a Magic Carpet- but we have to fly for anything Disney until the Aulani opens later this year!
What’s your most and least favorite Disney character and why? My favorites are Minnie, Tink and Snow White and least favorite is Daisy cause I can never find her!
Dining Plan, OOP, or Bring Food with you DDP isn’t something most people do at DLR, but we usually eat there and share meals and have a few nice stops with Characters and sit-down dinners.
To ADR or Not to ADR? Definitely ADR, and if you use a Authorized Disney travel agent like me, I do that for you!
Events at the park that cost extra good idea or should be included with park admission? I like that the MNSSHP and others aren’t taking up my regular admission ticket days and I can get in cheaper on a one day thing like that with such extras thrown in.
When is your next trip to WDW or DL After Thanksgiving- so still over 250 days, but at least I have something to look forward to.  We will be going to DL.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’m there.

Everything Else Disney:
What is your favorite Disney Movie? Wow, that’s a tough one!  I was raised on all the Disney movies- especially the Sunday night feature they used to show and we’d watch as a family (only time we ever got soda as kids).  I do have a soft-spot for Snow White since she was the first full-length feature and still very relateable today.  I also really like Beauty and the Beast and loved seeing it on Broadway.
Do you do any Disney Collections? I love the Precious Moments with the characters- I had already been a big Precious Moments collector before that.  My kitchen is also “Best of Mickey” themed.
Have you been on a Disney Cruise or Adventures by Disney? I’ve toured the Disney Wonder and can’t wait to go on it someday or any Disney Cruise!  I’m so glad they are doing Alaska too- those are my two dream cruises combined into one!  I definitely would love to try some of the itineraries of ABD, I like how they immerse you in the culture/area you visit and not just an outsider looking in.
Ever been to DLRP or TDL? I’d love to go to either, but haven’t been out of the country ever.  TDL is definitely on my list, since I took Japanese since high school and into college.

Finally what does Disney Mean to you?

Disney has always been something that got our family together- either Sunday night movies or fun times in the parks.  And now it is the same with my family as I have little ones.  I love that it brings so many people back to their childhood and we all just become big kids at a playground while we’re there.  Getting away from the outside world is what I look forward to as we step into the parks.

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