The Magic Behind the ‘Company’ – Getting to Know Jessica Swaney

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This thing is long. I apologize. No, wait. Nevermind. I wanted to go into detail with my answers, and write as if I were conversing with you all in person. So I stand by my long answers.

About Me

Name: Jessica Swaney
Where do you live? Orange County, CA. I’m right next-door to Disneyland — only a few miles away.
How long have you been with Chip and Company? A whole year! End of February/Beginning of March 2010.
What topics do you write about? Disneyland and whatever else I feel like. But mostly Disneyland.
Favorite C&C Writer? I don’t really play “favorites”, but I’ve been with Chip and Chris for the whole year that I’ve been with C&C.
Do you have a Blog or Website? Unfortunately, I do not have my own at this time. Maybe one day I’ll start one. Who knows. I’m not sure if I would even have that many readers! (If you’d read it, be sure to let me know!)
Have a Facebook Page or Twitter? I’m on Facebook and a I’m a Tweeter.
Favorite Disney Website other than Chip and Company? Hmmm. Honestly, I don’t really look at other websites! I don’t have time — I’m either at Disneyland or I’m at school!
What % of your clothes and house is decorated with Disney Gear? I have a Jack and Sally long-sleeve shirt, and a Jesse the cowgirl T-shirt.  I have a Nightmare Before Christmas tote bag. I have a pair of Class of 2009 ears in my sight. That’s all I see, so far, other than the Disney DVDs in my DVD rack thingy….Wait, wait, wait — nevermind. I see my two Winnie the Poohs from Japan. Can’t find those anywhere else. My father brought them back for me years ago. GAH okay, I have two Nightmare Before Christmas Vinylmations (Jack and Zero) and I just found a wintertime Pooh. And I just realized I’m curled up with a super old Mickey blanket that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I think I’ll stop here…

Chip or Dale? I think I like them equally, but if I have to choose, I’ll go with Chip. You can remember which one he is by the “chocolate chip” nose, and I’m a chocoholic. (See? I even put a Chip and Dale photo just because of this question. That’s my boyfriend and me during the Lunar New Year Family Fun Weekend.)

About the Parks

What’s you Favorite Disney Park? I’ve never been to WDW (I know, I know) so I’ll have to stick with Disneyland. Can I start a “Jessica to WDW” fund?
How many times have you been to the Disney Parks? For my fellow Spanish speakers out there, I would need to use the imperfect past tense to describe this. For those who DON’T speak Spanish, the imperfect past tense is used for habitual actions, or actions that you have done so many times you don’t have an exact number. For the past several years I’ve gone at least once a week, unless my pass was blocked out. I had a pass when I was in elementary school, too. And I think junior high. But I remember going through a period of time without a pass. That was such a dark time.
What’s your First Disney Memory? I’m not sure which came first, but I remember going for my fourth or fifth birthday and going in Goofy’s bounce house, and I remember my parents taking me Trick or Treating at Disneyland for Halloween. I was Belle.
What is your favorite Ride, Show, and Event? Ride: Big Thunder Mountain. My boyfriend and I had our very first kiss on the first lifthill after those annoying bats. Show: Hmm. Fantasmic! I grew up with it. I know Mickey’s choreography; I know the show’s music. But I do love World of Color. Event: Oh, gosh. This year it’s June 3. Haha! But as far as events go, Disneyland doesn’t really have them like WDW does.
Where is your favorite place to get your grub on? Club 33. Too bad it’s super expensive. I wonder if we still have our connection…But since I’ve only been there once and can’t dine there regularly, I’ll switch to my backup. There’s this little place by Pirates called the Royal Street Veranda or something. It’s not a restaurant or anything, it’s like a shack booth thing. They sell gumbo and clam chowder sourdough bread bowls. Also out of my price range most of the time, but they’re a great treat for when I’ve been a good college student. (Pffft.)
What’s your favorite snack? Cinnamon roll from the Blue Ribbon Bakery! And if they’re in season, pumpkin muffins, also from the bakery.
You have the whole park to yourself. Tell us what park it would be and plan of attack? Well, since I haven’t been to any other Disney parks outside of DL or DCA, I’d have to probably say Magic Kingdom over at WDW. Plan of attack? Call and bother Chip, asking him what to do. Hahaha
Least Favorite Disney Ride or Attractions? NO SUCH THING! HOW DARE YOU? Okay, okay. Fine. I’m not a big fan of…wow, I’m having a tough time with this. Umm…..
What’s missing from the parks? More roaming characters. But, uh, that won’t ever happen.
Which thing do you wish Disney would bring back? Remember Rocket Rods? On the old People Mover track? Yeah, I’d love to see those back. The ride was so ridiculously glitchy back then, but I’m sure they could work out the kinks now. People Mover would be a nice thing to return, too.
What do you bring to the park with you? Snacks, water, my boyfriend or girlfriends.
Do you fly, drive or take a Magic Carpet to the Disney Parks? I could ride my bike if I really wanted to. But nah, I drive.
What’s your most and least favorite Disney character and why? I really don’t know if I can answer this question. I don’t really have a favorite…I can’t think of anyone, really. I even like the villains! I’m going to change the question: Who is your favorite Disney princess and why? My favorite princess is Belle because she’s literate. Hahaha! She’s the smart one and can see one’s inner beauty. I like to think I’m more of a Belle.
Dining Plan, OOP, or Bring Food with you? I’m a cheap-o. I bring food. Then again, I don’t really have to plan too much or stay at the resort, so it’s easier for me.
Events at the park that cost extra good idea or should be included with park admission? It should be included with admission. Seriously. I would love to go to Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party again.
When is your next trip to WDW or DL? I go once or twice a week, so probably Friday, March 18.

Everything Else Disney

What is your favorite Disney Movie? Nightmare Before Christmas, all the way. Ever since the first time I watched it.
Do you do any Disney Collections? My boyfriend and I got sucked into Vinylmation. So far, we only do the small keychains, Vinylmation, Jr., but that’s because we’re poor. Haha
Have you been on a Disney Cruise or Adventures by Disney? *sniffle* No.
Ever been to DLRP or TDL? *more sniffles* No, not yet. One day.

Finally what does Disney mean to you?

I’ll keep it short. Disney is a way of life for me. I have loved it since the beginning of time. Okay, well, MY time. I don’t really remember a time without Disney in my life. Disneyland is my happy place — it calms me down after a stressful week. I really don’t know what I’d do without my pass. I can’t think of other things to do anymore. Sure, I’ve gotten some crap for going to Disneyland so much, but that’s okay because they’re just jealous of my Disneyland-filled lifestyle.

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  1. Hehe yes, I, too, have always liked the fact that she’s a brunette, not blonde like some of the other princesses. *cough* Cinderella, Aurora *cough* And, well, honestly, I find Snow White to be rather useless. Haha

  2. Hehe yes, I, too, have always liked the fact that she’s a brunette, not blonde like some of the other princesses. *cough* Cinderella, Aurora *cough* And, well, honestly, I find Snow White to be rather useless. Haha

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