‘The Lion King’ Had The Lions Share At The Box Office This Weekend

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The Lion King‘ Had The Lions Share At The Box Office This Weekend. The newest of Disney’s Live-Action Remakes has been breaking records and taking its place in the hierarchy of Disney Films.

Disney reported The Lion King has made $185 million in the domestic box office as of Sunday morning, according to Deadline, but that is hardly the true amount the film will rake in over the course of the entire weekend and after Sunday nights numbers are officially in. According to current trends the film is expected to make upwards of $192 million domestically. According to Disney, The Lion King has also made a whopping $531 Million in the global box office making it the highest grossing live-action remake for the studio.

The Lion King toppled even more records for film by topping Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 as the best domestic opening in July by nearly $25 million! Executive Producer and Director, Jon Favreau, also set a personal record with The Lion King now holding the title of his highest opening through his entire career as a producer/director.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, The Lion King ($185 M) also surpassed Beauty and the Beast ($174.7 M) as Disney’s highest opening for a live-action remake.

Disney has consistently been the King of Entertainment the last few years and gives no sign of slowing down, if anything they have set themselves up for leading the Box Office for years to come, making other studios nervous about future projects. With Disney’s connections to Marvel Studios (MCU), Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Pixar, Fox, and more, the entertainment conglomerate is set to dominate in theaters for years with nearly every demographic covered under one or more studios.

One of the biggest undertakings for Disney is the scheduled release for their new streaming service, Disney Plus (Disney+). Like never before, Disney will be able to release exclusive content directly to consumers and they won’t have to compete in theaters meaning Disney has found the Holy Grail in entertainment.

Disney has a leg up over other studios and streaming services because of the loyalty of fans that have decades of love for certain franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, and all previous Disney titles that may make the live-action remake list, but find an outlet like Disney+ to call home.

With the further success of live-action remakes, such as The Lion King, Disney will be sitting on this trend for years to come before having to really introduce a ton of new content from their studios. Fans may not be happy about the trend, but as long as these remakes keep raking in the money, the studio will continue to reimagine their currently owned avenues.

What are some live-action remakes you would like to see in the future? Are you sick of the trend and want Disney to go back to creating original content? What films are you excited to see in the next few years by Disney & Company? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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Photo Credit: Disney