The Indiana Jones Adventure Is Now Available in the Disney Play App

Guests of the  Disneyland Resort are loving the  Disney Play App. This special application is designed as an interactive gaming experience guests can use in a ride queue. Now, guests can take their experience to a whole new level in a new adventure with the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction!

The Indiana Jones Adventure Is Now Available in the Disney Play App

Behold! The Indiana Jones Adventure– The Gifts of Mara” will take guests on a journey through an already immersive attraction queue. This new play experience is reminiscent of the Mara-glyphics decoder cards that were originally released in the 1990’s. These cards would help ride guests decipher the secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye!

Now, this special decoder is back and in digital form! In this mobile app gaming experience, there are more codes and secrets to uncover. Each time you uncover another secret of the legend of Mara, you will receive a piece of a map. As a map is completed, players will receive digital accomplishments. Once a player acquires a series of accomplishments, they will receive a special message from Mara herself!

Guests of the parks are already loving the Disney Play App! This application also offers trivia and special music depending on what specific land you are in. Not only is Disney Play a way of interacting with specific queues, it can also allow guests to be more interactive with other guests! Your adventure starts now!

Will you be joining in on the “Indiana Jones Adventure- The Gifts of Mara” play experience? Let us know in the comments!

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