The Grand And Miraculous Spaceship Earth Trinket Tray Is a Must Have

Spaceship Earth Trinket Tray

A trinket tray is a must-have on my nightstand, they’re just so handy. Recently my favorite one broke, but I think I’ve found a replacement for it with this grand and miraculous new Spaceship Earth Trinket Tray! What Disney fan wouldn’t want an extra sprinkle of Disney to rest their treasures on?

Spaceship Earth Trinket Tray

This gorgeous trinket tray has a similar style to the Tree of Life tray. The park icon is the focus, and the tray represents the surrounding park. For the Epcot version, Spaceship Earth stands majestically in the center, while the World Showcase circles around on the tray beneath. This piece has a good weight to it, and the tray has a bit of a lip to keep your trinkets from sliding off.

The new trinket tray is also just $17.99! I also love that it’s not just a decorative piece, but that it is also functional! So far we have seen a stunning new tray for Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. I wonder if Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios versions will pop up? Although I feel like the Main Street USA Castle tray could also work for trinkets too!

What do you think of the grand and miraculous new Spaceship Earth Trinket Tray?

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