The Force Is Strong With Tiffany Inspired Star Wars Glass Lamps

I always love fandom twists on home decor, especially when they are beautiful and unique pieces. These Star Wars Glass Lamps that are inspired by Tiffany glass are one of those great pieces. The Etsy shop MasterGlasster makes these beautiful pieces inspired by R2-D2 and Imperial Guard.

The R2-D2 lamp is a rounded dome, that looks just like the top of our favorite lovable Droid! This lamp also comes with the base, and has a traditional Tiffany lamp curve. The intricate details come to life in a fabulous display of mosaic glass work. About 500 individual cut glass pieces were used to make this the Droid we are looking for!

The Imperial Guard helmet shade takes use to the Dark Side. This lamp  consists of approximately 370 pieces of glass! These pieces of glass were hand cut, and shaped to recreate this truly epic looking helmet. This shade has darker lighting, but is sure to impress those who embrace the Dark Side of the Force.

You can find these incredibly details Star Wars Glass Lamps by MasterGlasster on Etsy! These are each handcrafted, so each one will be its own unique piece.

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