Original Tinker Bell Model is Marrying WW II Veteran

Tinker Bell

A real-life fairytale love story! Margaret Kelly, 90, and Robert Boeke, 94, met each other over 70 years ago, and now they are getting married. Margaret is the original model for Tinker Bell in the 1953 Peter Pan animated film.

Margaret worked as a live-action reference model for nine months at Walt Disney Studios. She operated in a bathing suit while working with oversized props and set pieces. It was so animators could copy her motions and perfect the movements of the animated Tinker Bell. She even met Walt Disney on set while animators worked on drawing!

Margaret snd Robert dated for a year in the late 1940s. Robert served in World War II and moved to California to enroll at the University of Southern California. The two met while he was a student and dated. But a job opportunity for him required him to move away and the two went separate ways.

Years later, he walks into a toy shop and sees a Tinker Bell toy that reminds him of his former love. He expressed that he still loves her after all these years and the two rekindled with each other.

She proposed to him over breakfast shortly after reconnecting. Now Robert and Margaret are scheduled to marry on Valentine’s Day.

The couple will soon be wed and plan to move to Sarasota, FL.


Photo Source: Margaret Kelly and Disney

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Kevin Koszola