The Force Is Strong With The New Star Wars Scentsy Collection

The Force is Strong with the new Star Wars Scentsy Collection. This new collection celebrates the Light Side versus the Dark Side. Will embrace the Light, or the Dark, or will you bring balance to The Force with both? You can now find the entire collection online, or with your personal consultant!

This collection arrives just in time to celebrate the final episode in the Star Wars Skywalker saga. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker will hit theaters in just a few weeks!

The new collection also introduces the new Millennium Falcon Warmer, and invites the return of the must have Darth Vader Warmer! The new Millennium Falcon Warmer recreates the incredible scenes of Cloud City.

If you’re looking for something a bit more snuggly, you can also bring The Force home with the Chewbacca Scentsy Buddy, and C-3PO Buddy Clip!

As a fun bonus for collectors, both the Light Side and Dark Side Scentsy Bars each feature four collectible labels. These labels will ship out randomly, and there will be one ultra exclusive label that will ship at a much lower percent! You can check out all of the designs on the Scentsy website too.

Will you bring balance to The Force with the new Star Wars Scentsy Collection?

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