The Disney Villains Engagement Rings Are Wickedly Spectacular

Disney Villains Engagement Rings

Zales has had a stunning selection of Disney jewelry for quite a bit now with their Enchanted collection. It looks like they’ve decided to add a wicked touch with a line of gorgeous¬†Disney Villains Engagement Rings as well! After all, some Disney fans are Team Villain!

The collection features eight dazzling designs, with wicked inspirations of popular Disney Villains. The featured Villains are Ursula, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and an unexpected foe, Captain Hook!

There are actually three Ursula inspired baubles. Each of them have their own unique design, with one common detail. They all have swirling lines of diamonds, that resemble her slithering tentacles! There is a good variety of style choices if Ursula is your number 1.


Maleficent has two beautiful ring designs. Both feature two-tone gold designs, with larger diamonds accented by smaller stones. One has a look that resembles the twisting thorn branches that remind us of her, and the other has a sleek design with a subtle nod to her iconic horns.

The Evil Queen assortment has my favorite ring from the collection. The white gold with black rhodium ring reminds me of her cloak, especially with the bright red rubies. The other one has a look that matches her design aesthetics for sure, and almost looks like it could be a new Magic Mirror frame.

Last, but not least we have Captain Hook! We don’t usually see Captain Hook in jewelry, or accessory designs so it’s a fun twist to see. This two-tone gold ring as a very sleek and elegant design. A yellow gold swirl swoops around the single solitaire, to resemble the dastardly pirate’s infamous hook!

The wickedly enchanting Disney Villains Engagement Rings are available at Zales locations and, with a price range of 1k to 4.2k.

Do you know a villain loving maven who would love one of these engagement rings?

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