The Best Thing I Love about Disney World – Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.


Did you know that after fourteen consecutive rides on Buzz Lightyear you can start to feel a bit woozy?  It’s true. It’s also true that your trigger finger might get a little sore and you may start to halucinate that the rock formations in the second room look like naked people (okay, I swear one of them does. I’m not crazy.  Imagineers get lonely too.). But it’s all worth it when you save the universe from the evil Emperor Zurg over and over again. You might even score 999,999 points and become a Galactic Hero. Oh yeah. And your high school shop teacher said you wouldn’t amount to anything. Ahem. 

Buzz Lightyear is a simple attraction brilliantly executed.  The queue can look really long but it moves pretty fast, so as long as you’re inside the building, you’ll be saving the universe in no time.  The queue itself has a few fun things to keep you occupied, like a life-sized Buzz Lightyear telling you about your upcoming mission. It’s a good time for a photo op.  Once on board your spaceship, you’ll shoot at targets as you ride through the attraction, attempting to keep Zurg and his minions from stealing all the batteries in the universe.  This is one of those attractions you kind of hope gets stuck so you can sit there and pick off targets.  There are two lasers on board, one for each guest, and a little wheel for the one who turns the ship. Decide ahead of time who will steer, or it could get ugly. 

Even though there are only two lasers and therefore two seats, you can easily fit a small child in the middle.  The attraction isn’t overly loud and doesn’t have a lot of flashing lights, so most people with sensory issues should be okay. Really, the loudest part of the ride is the queue.  This attraction is fine for almost anyone, 9 months to 99.  There aren’t a lot of surprise movements and the speed is slow, but not so slow that it’s boring.

There are lots of hints on how you can improve your score, so I’ll just leave you with my one rather obvious tip:  Hold the trigger the entire time rather than shooting multiple times.  Want more?  You can get some real tips here.

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