Thanking a Cast Member

Cast members will often go above and beyond the call of duty to make your Disney vacation wonderful.  Whether you’ve received an unexpected room upgrade, a complimentary dessert, were given extra help while in a pickle, or were just handed some surprise fast passes, a simple spoken “Thank you” is always appreciated.  But have you ever considered returning the magic by doing one of the following?

Stop by Guest Relations and fill out a Fanatic Card.  The best way to say ‘Thanks’ is to fill out a Great Service Fanatic Card at any Guest Relations location (park or resort).  Not only will that Cast Member receive your “thank you,” their direct supervisor will also be informed of the cast members extraordinary service and will favorably recognize that cast member.  Be sure to include the Cast Member’s first name, the date and approx. time, and the location of the park/resort where they were working when you experienced their helpfulness.

Hand out Cast Member Appreciation Cards.  Small “thank you” cards, such as these free cast member appreciation cards, make it easy to say ‘thank you’ and are simple to hand out.  Some cast members will show them to their supervisors, who will then note it as a compliment in their employee file.

Ask for the Cast Member’s Autograph!  Autograph books aren’t just for the Characters.  After a cast member has helped you out or given you exceptional service, ask them for their autograph!  You’d be amazed at how “fancy” some of them will sign their name.  They also find this gesture quite flattering.

Saying Thank You after your trip.  If you’ve already left the World, written “Thank You’s” can be sent to this email address:

Or you can send a handwritten note via snail mail to:

WDW Guest Communications
PO Box 10,040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Again, make sure to include the Cast Member’s first name, the date and approx. time, and the location of the park/resort where they were working.  Also when writing, be sure to include your Name, address, phone number and email address ~ you just might receive a “thank you” in return.

DON’T hand out edible treats or items of value.  While your intentions are good, cast members cannot accept candy, treats, or any items that have value.  If they do accept the item, chances are they do not keep it.  Edible items are thrown away backstage for safety reasons.  Items with monetary value are turned into their supervisors.

Bottom Line: Positive feedback in written form is best!  Cast members most appreciate written positive feedback, as it is noted in employee reviews and files, which happens to be a much better “reward” than candy or treats.  As I’ve heard one cast member mention, “There are walls backstage in some areas where they pin up written guest compliments and it is always neat to have something about yourself pinned on the wall for all to see!”

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