Tastes So Good – Columbia Harbour House

When I think of food at Walt Disney World, my mind hardly ever goes to Magic Kingdom except to think about the coveted Dole Whip!  I tend to dream and salivate about Ohana, and the Tusker House breakfast until I tried something at the Columbia Harbour House that changed the way I viewed dining at the MK!

I didn’t eat at the Colombia Harbour House until about 4 trips ago, and I am hooked!  The Columbia Harbour House is located in Liberty Square close to the Hall of Presidents and across the street from the Haunted Mansion.  Before I had actually entered the Columbia Harbour House, I always thought it was probably small and crowded but I was wrong.  This place is good sized in the inside with plenty of seating with an upstairs too!  I have never experienced this place to be super busy, although there has always been a line!  I have not had a problem finding a place to sit.  I love how cool the Columbia Harbour House feels on a hot Florida day, it is really refreshing!  Something else I really like about eating here is that there are a lot of outlets by the tables against the wall, and while I don’t know if we are supposed to use them I always plug my iPhone in while dining here!

The Columbia Harbour House is on the Disney Disney Plan as a counter service. With the counter service here you get one drink, one entree with side item and dessert! Something else I like about the Columbia Harbour House is that the portions are generous and you feel like you are getting your money/credits worth!  While there are plenty of items on the menu there is only 1 that I need to share with you!  Next time you visit you need to order the Fried Shrimp basket… it tastes so good!  I always get mine with french fries on the side and a warm and tasty apple crisp!  In the basket there are about 9 large fried shrimp, it is a huge serving!  The shrimp are not greasy either, they are great!  The shrimp basket with a side item will run you about $9.99, but if you are not on the dining plan and concerned about cost I think the platter is big enough to share!

The shrimp basket at the Columbia Harbour House put the Magic Kingdom back on the food map for me and I hope you will give it a try too!  Have you already had the shrimp platter, did you love it?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below or on our facebook page HERE!

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4 thoughts on “Tastes So Good – Columbia Harbour House

  1. I already have CHH on my list of places to eat when we go in December so it’s really nice to hear a good review especially since the shrimp was the meal I was going to get!

  2. CHH is our favorite counter service spot in MK. You hit it right on — the shrimp basket is great and I always have a couple left to share. This place is a great alternative to the burger/hot dog fare you often find in the theme parks.

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