Tangled Popcorn Bucket From TDR Gleams And Glows

Disney Popcorn Buckets are more than just snack containers, they are also beloved collectibles. Disney offers uniquely themed buckets throughout the world at their theme parks, just like this gorgeous Tangled Popcorn Bucket. The beautiful bucket is actually from Tokyo Disney, so of course,  I continue to be jealous of overseas Disney resorts!

The bucket is designed to look like iconic glowing lanterns from the Tangled film. Around the “lantern” is a design of Rapunzel releasing her own lanterns. Magic flower designs from the film also surround her. A purple strap is connected to the bucket, the shades of purple actually match her dress! Another little detail on the strap, is an attached Pascal figure.

Of course it couldn’t be a lantern, if it didn’t light up! You can turn this bucket on in the evening for a soft glow. This is one of those fantastic popcorn buckets that also doubles as fantastic and whimsical decor. Although this is only available at Tokyo Disney Resort, and Tokyo Disney Sea, you can find some of them on Ebay, if it is a real must have.

Would you like to see a Tangled Popcorn Bucket at Disneyland or Walt Disney World? I know I would!

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  1. Does this have the sun on the other side like the lantern? I’ve seen the picture 2 different ways, but never together.

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