Super Cute Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction MagicBands Now Available at the Magic Kingdom

Minnie MagicBand

Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding ways to get through 2020 is by receiving monthly announcements of the newest Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction collection. However, for many collectors, it has also been a frustrating part of the year since they have not been able to purchase any of the merchandise themselves. For those still aching to expand their Minnie merchandise, there is good news: The Main Attraction MagicBands have been spotted in the Magic Kingdom!

Nine of twelve collections have already been released this year, with limited availability for every item. Two of the nine MagicBands were recently spotted in Sir Mickey’s near the carousel.

The Mad Hatter’s Teacups was the theme of March’s collection and that is one of the MagicBands currently found at Sir Mickey’s. It features a pale purple band with bright teacups and a cute tea-drinking Minnie on each side. The colors and design emulate the ride they honor. This band is perfect for anyone who loves to ride the Teacups!

April meant Minnie paid homage to It’s a Small World, which is the second MagicBand spotted. This one has a pink and purple check pattern, with Minnie on one side and the classic numbers-and-clocks design from the ride on the other. It may be a small world, but this band is big love.

While many fans of the Minnie: The Main Attraction collections are disappointed to have missed out on purchasing their favorite items, hope remains. It looks like many of them have been set aside to be sold in the Magic Kingdom, so guests may want to keep their eyes open at all times in the parks. You never know where you’ll find something special.

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Allison Luna