Summer Rose and Imagination Pink Champagne coming to Disney Springs

Today at a special media event in Disney Spring we got a first look at the all-new Summer Rose Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry treat with Imagination Pink Champagne from Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs.

The summer rose is a Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry with white chocolate petals.

It is hard to see with the lighting but the rose actually shimmers, not bad for $8.

What better to go with your Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Rose but a glass of Imagination Pink Champagne?

It is an Iron Horse Fairytale Celebration Cuvee champagne with Hibiscus Monin Chambord liquor added. This will run you $18 for a glass but comes with a cute Imagination Pink Macaron.

These new treats are coming June 15th to Amorettes Patisserie in Disney Springs.

Also available till June 19th is the Aladdin Petit cake from Amorette’s. You can read all about it here.

The Aladdin cake is one of the best sellers and is only available till June 19th so you want to grab one of these before they are gone.

To get a look at all the new Summer Merch coming out check out this video from the event.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Rose and Imagination Pink Champagne coming to Disney Springs

  1. Yes on the Rose! The champagne with the hibiscus omg i love hibiscus! The aladdin cake pricey but its makes since due to whats going into it so it makes since. I’d love to try all 3!

  2. The rose looks big & $8 is actually a pretty decent price for it! I’m more of a milk chocolate fan than dark chocolate, & I don’t drink liquor so I will pass on these! BUT the rose is gorgeous & the pink Minnie Mouse head on top of the pink champagne is adorable & so pretty (pink is my favorite color!) #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  3. Is this the year of pink?? The rose is so cute and I love dark chocolate! The champagne is a beautiful and delicious touch! I’m impressed! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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